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League of Women Voters of Appleton-Fox Cities
P.O. Box 1281
Appleton, WI  54912
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Outagamie County Executive Candidate Interviews – 2023

February 21, 2023 — Primary

(In the order they are listed on the ballot)

Vote for not more than one (1)

The 2 receiving the most votes advance to the April 4 election.


                   Tom Nelson                          Justin Krueger                         Kevin M. Sturn               

Click on the candidate's Picture to view the recording


Primary Election Date is Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Go to:

— to make sure you are registered
— request an absentee ballot
— see what is on your ballot

There has been no adjustment for inflation in state support to local school districts over the past two years. With a nearly $7 billion surplus in the state coffers, we can afford to support our public schools, and our state is constitutionally required to do. Learn how you can help in this process.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Vote411 is now live with information on candidates on the February 21 primary ballots. Additional local candidate information is being updated. Check back often for new information, and again following the primary until the spring election on April 4. In the meantime, go online to to make sure you are registered, to request an absentee ballot, or to see what is on your ballot.


And remember, your vote is your voice!


Recent Monthly Programs

Lively Issues

Lively Issues, the League's annual roundtable, captured a number of local community issues about which members and guests are passionate and concerned. A detailed recap of the issues raised will be presented to the Board, and will be covered in the February issue of The Informed Voter.

Last Monthly Program

Decisions made by the Wisconsin Supreme Court affect every one of us. It is important for all voters to fully understand how the state court system functions, and the types of cases each level of courts may address.  The Leagues of Appleton-Fox Cities and Winnebago County hosted two excellent programs on this topic featuring past justices from our courts.

Please Note
Since a presenter at the first of a two-part series on Fair Courts co-sponsored by the Leagues of Appleton-Fox Cities and of Winnebago County is currently a candidate for Winnebago County Circuit Court Branch 2, we have removed the video recording of the November 21, 2023 presentation. Prior to the program, the Leagues were not made aware that the presenter was considering running for the Circuit Court seat, and therefore the Leagues acted in good faith in inviting the individual to be a presenter. The League of Women Voters is staunchly nonpartisan, and does not support or oppose any candidate or political party. We apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.


A recording of the second Fair Courts presentation can be viewed Here

View Past Monthly Programs HERE

Our League invites — and needs — you!

As we grow, so do opportunities for more members and friends to help. In as little as an hour, or an evening, your help will be invaluable. You decide what you’d enjoy, and how much time you can spend.   Check out the  Teams Page


Legislative Town Halls afford members and others a chance to engage in conversation with our area's state legislators on topics of interest to voters, and learn what their priorities are for the current session.  Details of the next Legislative Town Hall, which is likely to be held in early 2023, will be highlighted here.



Recent Town Hall

View All Past Legislative Town Halls



The League of Women Voters of Appleton-Fox Cities

  • We are a nonpartisan, activist, grassroots political organization.
  • We never support or oppose political parties or candidates.
  • We help people become active, informed voters.
  • Our work is based on careful research and covers a broad range of issues.
  • We strive to engage all people by infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion
    in everything we do.
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